The Foundation

AFACT is a contemporary fine art organisation dedicated to promoting Arpita Bhattacharya's collections. AFACT has kept this work in the public domain so that it gets appreciated publicly for contemporary art, also for exhibition at accredited institutions throughout the world. The result of which would be a lending library of contemporary art and an expansive collection that would be regularly cited as one of the top in the world. Public institutions as well as individual artists often face numerous challenges when presenting their work: increasing operating costs, shrinking government support, and powerful speculative buyers in the art market who may not commit to sharing their acquisitions in public exhibitions. A FACT keeps pace with the market – collecting with the agility and speed of a private collector – yet does so with a public-minded objective: creating a unique repository of contemporary art with the sole purpose of display and study by public institutions. It believes that it is important to acquire large-scale work and installations that might prove difficult for a single museum or private individual to acquire and display. The art market can often diffuse a contemporary artist's accomplishment by distributing the work to multiple private collectors or institutions. A FACT's in-depth, committed approach to collecting an artist enables multiple institutions to display an artist's work, while also maintaining a home base where the full scope of an artist's work is preserved. It strives to create a collection that provides scholars, students and curators with a more complete outlook on an artist's achievement while serving our borrowers with the resources to bring in-depth monographic presentations to their audiences. Once an artist is added to the A FACT collections, it would seek significant work from each period of his or her career whenever possible. A FACT owns more than 200 photographs by Arpita Bahttacharya.