AFACT presents national and international exhibition projects on Classic Modernism and Contemporary Art. The exhibition programme includes thematic exhibitions, monographic projects, group and soho exhibitions. It's also an active exhibition programme, comprehensive dissemition activities, a consistent collecting and purchasing policy. Different thematic presentations of the A FACT's own comprehensive collection are a focal point of it's exhibition strategy. As a platform for cultural discourse, A FACT seeks an intensive cooperation with a national and international audience on an artistic, media, social and economic level. Today it increasingly define themselves as a mediator : They want to dispel people’s fears and reduce their reluctance to occupy themselves with art and arouse the interest of children in art. For this purpose a varied and individual supporting programme for all age groups would be organized in conjunction with each exhibition.

And we thought babies were made out of love…

Despite all our theorizing and debating, the poor continue to exist, inequality persists and the vulnerable continue to suffer due to discriminatory policies especially in areas of health, education and employment. And because the oppression and insecurity, both social and


I thought I had it all figured out

…I thought I had it all figured out. Maybe not at first instance, but after a few times…. The movie, Ghare-Bahire, when I first saw it as a child it left me with distinct impressions…one of great admiration for the


Ekti Mayer Katha

Arpita Bhattacharya in AajKal, Bengali newspaper.